Hervi Concepcion.

I would just like to thank Steve for being very supportive and for being a very good mentor. I highly recommend Drive Republik if you wanted to pass your driving test for the first time like me.. More power Steve! Thank you so much!

Hervi, Wickford

Paige Searle

Hi Steve would just like to thank you for helping my with my driving lessons and passing my test! You made me feel very comfortable and safe when driving, as a very nervous driver that I was you made me feel very relaxed and confident. Thank you for your patience and time. Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor. Drive republik is the one !!

Thank you once again 

Paige Searle


Kirsty Phillips

Hi Steve, would just like to say a massive thankyou for all the help you gave me with my driving! I certainly wouldn't have passed without out you.
I was a very nervous driver at the beginning but you made me feel alot more confident.
It was nice to have an instructor that you could get along with and I really enjoyed all my lessons.

Thankyou very much :)


Mat & Andy Tilsly

Andy - Steve is a good driving instructor he puts you at ease and is in tune with the younger generation passed first time.
Matt - Steve made driving enjoyable. Had time to explain which gave me more confidence and i passed first time.

Daniel Booth

Dear Drive Republik

 Thanks Steve for all your help and support throughout my driving lessons, wouldn’t of passed first time with out your help!Steve was able to pick up on my faults quite quickly and made my keep going over them until I become consistent, which helped my in a lot of ways and helped me become a more relaxed driver.Conversation was always flowing which made me comfortable to be able to ask questions which benefited me in a huge way!

 Steve is a great driving instructor and Im glad I chose him as my instructor after good feedback from friends!

 Thanks again Steve.


Kerry McCormick

Hey Steve, thank you for getting me through my driving test! Having you being so calm and supportive during the lessons really helped calm any nerves that I had, especially if I happened to make a mistake you always managed to get me to keep my cool which I’m still able to do now that i’ve passed.

Steve gave me the confidence I needed in my driving ability and always asked me about what I wanted to work on and took the time to listen to my concerns and helped me overcome them. He is patient, kind and has a good sense of humour which kept the lessons all the more enjoyable!

He’s made me the confident safe driver that I am today and after 2 years since passing I have never had any trouble.

Thank you!

Kerry McCormick

Tarnya Samidas

I would like to say a big thank you to Steve, I could not have passed my test and got this far without him! Thank you for being so kind, friendly and patient whenever i was struggling or unsure of something.

For me Steve has made driving so much more easier and enjoyable. He has given me the confidence and self belief to drive on the road and overcome any situation, which a previous instructor failed to do.

Steve is very understanding and flexible within reason, he will always give you the motivation you need and anyone would be lucky to have him as an instructor.

So thank you Steve for making it a fun and relaxed experience!

Tarnya Samidas, Benfleet

Sophie Bailey

Thank you Steve for helping me throughout the whole process of learning to drive. From learning manoeuvres, negotiating traffic and roundabouts and dealing with dreaded hill starts you made each step easy and most importantly enjoyable.

Nothing was too much trouble and you taught me in a way I understood. The excellent teaching and experience i gained while in your hands has helped me become the driver i am today. Don’t hesistate to book, always a friendly face and a great teacher

Sophie Bailey, Wickford

Charlotte Davies

Hi Steve!

Thank you so much for helping me to stop panicking, and pass my test first time! You made things a lot easier and made it fun, I always looked forward to my lessons!

I’m so happy I passed, the freedom is great! So glad I chose Drive Republik, definitely worth it.

Cheers Steve!

Charlotte Davies.

Kayleigh Curtis

Thank you for teaching me how drive Steve!

I was really nervous with roundabouts to begin with but because of your patience I was soon fine with them.

Everything was always clearly explained and you didnt mind going over things several times if need be.

We had a laugh and you made sure that I didnt stress out too much!

Kayleigh Curtis

Sam Fitzgibbon

‘Thanks Steve for supporting me through my driving lessons and test, couldn’t have passed without you!

Steve applies a very relaxed but thorough approach to his lessons which left me confident in my progression but relaxed enough to both enjoy and learn most effectively.

Steve has always been flexible and asked what I am finding difficult or want to work on most which puts part of the learning in my hands.

The weekly football discussions also added to the lesson experience and again left me relaxed enough to progress to having now passed my test!

Great instructor and overall good guy!

Cheers! Thanks again Steve!

Sam Fitzgibbon

Scott David Phillips

Just want to say thanks Steve for making me into the driver i am today! I couldnt have done it without you! I was really pleased how you was able to help me with my clutch control, i really stuggled with this and with your help i am now the master of the clutch! You made lessons an enjoyable experience! Many thanks

Scott David Phillips

Elise Williams

Hi Steve,

I would just like to thank you for teaching me how to drive. For most people I’m sure this experience can be a stressful one but under your guidance this was not the case. I found our lessons together both informative, well structured and an enjoyable experience. Your manor and the way that you teach allowed me to be more relaxed and a much more confident driver, I’m sure this is what lead me to passing both my theory and driving test first time, as I was referred to you I will be happy to do the same giving someone else the opportunity that I had.

Again thank you and wish you and your future clients all the best for the future.


Elise Williams

Amy Papworth

Thank you Steve for helping me to pass my test; I don’t think I would have ever passed without your patience and explaining each step slowly over my duration of driving lessons.

I liked how you showed me what to do step-by-step; this allowed me to have a better understanding of what was being asked of me. This also helped me in remembering each method correctly for my practical test.

With your help I was able to relax during stressful situations on the road. With your patiences, my fear of hill starts were faced.

Amy Papworth, East Tilbury

Charlie Curtis

just want to say thanks to steve for getting me through my driving test! He was very good at getting me through situations when i got stuck, always kept his cool and made lessons a laugh aswell. i didnt have any driving experience at all before my first lesson, and now ive just recently passed my test 2nd time! We went over the mistakes i made on my first which caused me to fail, and he always made sure that i was confident in what i was doing.

will recommend to family and friends, very good instructor!


Charlie Curtis

Emma Bubbz

Just wanted to say thank you very much to Steve who got me through my test!! I’ve taken a few before and failed but with Steve, felt really confident and passed with only 3 minors! Very helpfull and friendly! Brilliant!!

Emma Bubbz

Sarah Teff

I just want to say a massive thank you to Steve for helping me over come my fears of roundabouts and probably everything else to do with learning how to drive! I previously had an instructor who made me feel very nervous and who made me loose my confidence. Steve helped me re gain this … And helped me believe that I could pass my test. I felt he gave me honest and useful advise on how to improve my driving, and was there every step of the way! I would recommend drive republik to everyone .. If your looking for helpful friendly instructors who you can help you have fun while learning how to drive!! Thank you for putting up with me Steve and for all your help!! I really appreciate it.

Sarah Teff

Greg Berry

Thank you Steve for teaching me how to drive. I don’t think I ever would have passed without your guidance and ability to calm me down in tense situations on the road! Thanks, especially for your patience with me and the roundabouts!

Greg Berry, Wickford

Jason Smith

Hi Steve, i guess you deserve a few good words for helping me pass my test lol. I really appreciate all your help making my measly green provisional licence into a loud and proud full pink driving licence. You were an excellent instructor who keep your cool in all situations and also made it a good laugh. I will always have good memories learning to drive and will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family. Long live the Republik!

Jason Smith

Lewis Symes

Thanks Steve for having so much patience with me and helping me to pass my test. Without your calm guidance I would have just panciked and given up but thanks to you I passed first time!

Lewis Symes, Pitsea.